I won’t be wrong If I say that everyone like traveling. Whether it is plane, car, boat, motorbike or any other way of transport it is exciting and interesting and you get to see different countries and cultures at the same time. However, not everyone have GPS installed into their cars, some of the people don’t even have additional GPS screens to attach them to cars front window, but there is a way to find your needed route or road using your tablet computer and we’re gonna discuss everything about tablets used as a GPS navigation.

First of all, you got to make yourself clear, think about the possible alternatives to tablet as GPS, because tablet is more expensive than simplest GPS navigation at the first place, then you should think about the size. Whether you’ll have the right amount of free space in your car or not. Whole usage of GPS in tablet might be complexed also – If you are determined to deal with those problems and have already thought of that you should be totally  satisfied with your device.

If your tablet doesn’t have neither GPS nor bluetooth GPS – it would be a minor problem to run GPS in your car as you will most probably would have to connect to internet to get the information about routes, maps, roads you need to go to. There is a way out of this situation – there are certain software programs which supposedly lets you use GPS without connecting to internet. This is the only way to deal with this problem – download all the necessary maps and software before you disconnect from the internet. Make sure you know those things about your tablet before trying it to work as GPS on the road. This is called ‘data plan’ it lets you use GPS wherever you are.


The bottom line. You can easily use your tablet as GPS navigation when it has built in GPS but if it doesn’t you will probably have to spend some money (or at least waste some time If I can say that) purchasing the software and maps you need to run GPS without internet. When you have to put some extra work to successfully use GPS on your tablet – you have big doubts If you really need to use it as GPS at all. Especially when you can get GPS navigation for approximately two times cheaper price as the whole tablet. As I’ve said many times before – I’m saying this one more time. This is your choice – you decide what to do with your tablet, but If it has a built in GPS why wouldn’t you give it a try. Maybe it will be perfect for you.

That’s it. Thanks for reading once again and see you soon.