Are you feeling like a fish out of water when you hold the tablet for the first time? Tired of asking your kids or colleagues to guide you through the new technology. This article is a very simple step-by-step guide how to learn basics about your tablet and easily operate Android based tablet in a couple minutes. First of all lets check the operation system of your tablet. This article is for majority tablets as it covers Android operation system, which is the main OS for tablet devices in the market. So if you have an iPad or iPhone, which operates on iOS or tablets that are based on Windows 8 operation system you should check for a proper article at Use Tablet website. You can always check and understand what operating system your device is running on by checking the device information or recognizing the OS logo at the tablet startup screen. So if your device loading logo has this green person above – great! You got the android based device and you came to the right place, Let’s begin!

Where are buttons?

All tablet devices are made to be controlled using touch screen. Every finger or special pen touch on the screen activates a different function or operation. There are a wide variety of Android tablet models that are slightly different but the main components remain the same. The front of the tablet is usually fully covered by touch screen providing you a high quality view and as much screen plot on the device as possible.

Use Tablet Tablet Buttons article

Most of the tablets have build in front camera (great for video calls) and a classic button on the front, which has the screen lock/unlock function, but usually tablet front surface is used only for touchscreen. The tablet back surface has no control or special function buttons at all. Most of tablet models only have the integrated camera-flash based on the back of the tablet. The four edges of the tablet have some functional keys. On the top or side edges of the tablet, depending on the model, there is a power button. Pressing and holding the power button starts the tablet while it is off. Holding the same key while the tablet is working on the active screen will prompt the shutdown box to switch your gadget off. A short click of the power button simply locks and unlocks the screen while the device is active. Two volume keys usually located on the side edge of the tablet are used to increase and decrease devices volume. There are some interface connectors on the edges of the tablet like Micro HDMI (connect tablet to HDMI screen), Micro SD card slot (capture, write data or expand your gadget storage space using the Micro SD card), 3.5 mm Audio Jack (standard audio output to plug headset or microphone), Power connection port (connect power supply, docking station or any other external accessory). So when you are familiar with the outside of the tablet it is the perfect time to turn it on!

How to touch?

Tablet manufactures don’t provide much control of the device using the external buttons as all the control of the tablet and actions are performed using touch screen and the interface of the operating system. It is very important to know how to properly touch the screen and use special touch combinations that will bring your work efficiency to the next level. There are three main touch functions used for Android touch screen devices. First of all it is a simple touch, which is performed using finger or special pen suitable for the tablet touch screen. Single short touch selects or activates the text, links, commands and functions on your tablet. Single long touch, which is performed holding your finger on the home screen, will bring the options menu for the particular application you are using. Selection made using the pen is more precise as a finger click, but once you learn to create a sharp corner of your fingertip for an accurate touch, it can be as much precise as the special tool. Touch and drag function is used very often as well. For this maneuver you need to touch the screen, for example, select an icon on your home screen, hold the finger touching the screen and slide to the place you want the icon to be moved. Once the icon is on the desirable location, release the finger from the screen to keep that icon there. This sliding function is very comfortable for web browsing as it allows you to scroll through pages with the natural touch, almost like flipping a book. Zooming combination is more advanced as it involves two fingers. This is very quick, beneficial and fun function used to zoom in the picture or webpage by touching the screen with two fingers separated and dragging them closer to each other. And for zoom out do it vice versa, touch and hold two fingers together and slide them apart from each other on the screen. These touch methods explained above are the base of using tablet. The functionality of these three types of touch depends of the application and OS, but the technique remains the same. And once you know how to hold the wheel lets get in to the Android machine and drive.

What is required for the first tablet launch and setup?

Before you start using tablet you need to make sure that you fully charge the device after unboxing, as it will increase a lifetime of the battery. Once the gadget is charged you are ready to turn the tablet on and perform the initial setup. - How To Use A Tablet Computer - The Basics For Android Tablets - Pic - -1.2First page will welcome you to the Android system and let you select a device language. On the next page it prompts you to select the Input method depending on the language you prefer. Once you got the language and input method setup you need to select the Wi-Fi network on the next setup page. If you do not have Wi-Fi listed, do not worry and try the scan option on the top right corner, to refresh Wireless networks. If the network is not there, add it manually selecting add network. Enter the Network SSID (Wi-Fi network name) and a password. You are able to setup your network settings manually later by clicking skip on the bottom of the page, but I would recommend you to set it up right now and continue. Set date and time for your tablet on the next page. Recommendation would be to set the automatic date & time option if you had properly set up you Network settings before. If you did skip the network setup or you do not have Wireless network now, than set the date and time manually on this screen, as without network your tablet will not show proper time on Automatic settings.

The next step of this setup is to assign your Google account (Gmail account) to Your tablet. Android is Google property and it performs and synchronizes with your Google account in the best possible way. Gmail account on your tablet lets you to see and organize all your information from anywhere, automatically back up your data, use Google services easily from anywhere. You have three options on this page, first two of them are only possible if you are connected to the Internet: Sign in, use the existing account, or Get an account and create a new Google account. You are also available to skip this step by pressing a not now option and sign in with your Google account later. But again, if there is a possibility it is way much better to set up your Google account on the tablet right away. - How To Use A Tablet Computer - The Basics For Android Tablets - Pic - -6The last step is settings for Google location. Everything is clearly stated on the screen and you have two options for this. First option stores data of your location independent from the applications and it is totally up to you what to choose here. Your choice depends of how private you want to stay and how efficient applications, which require information from data location, will work. Second tick is for Google services, so if you want Google to store and use your location data for more efficient Google search and other services, then check the second box and click next to continue. The very last step of this initial setup is to agree with Google services and policy by clicking next. The setup is done. Click finish and you are ready to use tablet computer.

Device is set up for using but are you ready? If you don’t feel comfortable enough and you want to learn more check this info package. Have fun and shock your family or colleagues with your tablet mastering skills. 

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